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iFormSoftiFormSoft is a unique solution to a common problem. Like most businesses, you will probably require signed documentation at some point, either from clients or suppliers, whether its a letter of engagement, or a terms and conditions document, you’ll need that signature on the document.

A common solution is to email a PDF document to the other party, which they are then required to print, sign, scan, and return. This method gets the document in front of the client quickly; the issue is that it puts the responsibility on the other party to complete the ‘offline’ element (print/sign/scan) – and in our experience this is where delays occur. The net result is that the documents are not received back in a timely fashion, resulting in project delays, missed deadlines, delays with orders, and constant communication is required to get the documents completed.


So why does this process need to change?


montageTo put it simply, the ‘offline’ elements of the above procedure are not necessary. iFormSoft can remove these elements for you, eliminating the bottleneck created by waiting for clients or suppliers to respond, and making it simple for them to quickly fill in the required information.

If you streamline the document signing process you will get not only a much faster response, but also elimiate those ‘lost leads’ where your client just never gets around to sending the forms back, possibly missing deadlines for submission.


So how can you help me?


how does iFormSoft workiFormSoft keeps everything online for you; your form data is presented to the other party via our secure cloud platform, your client or supplier can fill in the data on screen (or tablet, or mobile) and iFormSoft will get those documents back to you. The process is:

1. We first work with you to get your forms into our secure cloud database format. Everyone’s requirements are different, you may just need a client to read a statement and then click to accept/sign on-screen, or you may require some more detailed information. The first part of our process is to get your form into an onscreen format.

2. You then log into your secure iFormSoft cloud-based account and fill in the recipient’s information on-screen. The required fields will be dependent on the information you need to capture for your particular needs.

3. On clicking ‘save’ you’ll be presented with a unique email link that you email to your client via outlook/gmail etc, or you can also send it direct from the iFormSoft platform.

4. The client opens the emailed link on their laptop/tablet/phone and are presented with their personalised form on the iFormSoft cloud-based platform. They fill in any of the data that you need from them, then either tick a box to sign, or if you prefer they can actually sign on-screen as you would with a door-step delivery.

5. When they hit ‘send’, you¬†immediately receive an email notification with the completed form attached, including all data and signature, in PDF format for your records. The client also receives a PDF copy for their records.

6. That’s it! If you’re sitting in a meeting with a client and you’ve got an internet connection, you can run through this whole process on your tablet, get their signature, and the completed paperwork will be back at the office before you are.


Who is iFormSoft for?


iFormSoft is for anyone who requires a signature on documentation – so pretty much any business! Here’s what some of our current clients say about iFormSoft:

mytax¬†Using iFormSoft to send our Letters of Engagement to clients has meant we get them back same day, instead of the following week (if at all!). The real problem for us was that client’s would take an age to get around to printing/signing etc, meaning big delays in us being able to help them. The ability to produce the documents while in a meeting with a client is a huge bonus; we can get the signature there and then, meaning no additional admin back at the office.

– John Jones, My Tax Solutions

atlasWe’ve been sending Word versions of our instruction form for years, but more and more people are using tablets instead of laptops these days. I was getting a lot of complaints from clients saying they couldn’t open the form on an iPad or iPhone; commonly people were sending our forms to their work email address so they can fill in the document on their work PC.

So, for us, the fact that iFormSoft is fully mobile compatible has speeded up our client response times no end – people are commenting on how easy the new process is too, and of course the easier we can make it for clients, the better!

– Brandon Wagstaffe, Atlas Building and Survey Services Ltd


How can I get iFormSoft to streamline my document signing?

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